Tuesday, January 24

The fun has only begun.

My grandma always told me stories of my mom and how big of a climber she was when she was little. She'd always say, "If I wanted to find Lynn, I'd look up!". 
I think that little piece of my mom is coming out in my baby.
He climbs everything! It ranges from the exercise equipment to the backs of the kitchen chairs...and everything else in between.

Getting into the walker he no longer needs
Pulling himself into the Rhino

On top of the table

Sometimes it's safe to snap a picture. Other times, not so much. 
A heart attack is what will be the end of me.

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  1. Haha he is so cute! Sometimes I look forward to the days when my boy will be mobile, other times I'm not too sure as I am a paranoid freak as it is. My poor child.