Monday, January 16

All about Dreydan

My little boo is growing up sooo fast, and i'm extremely sad about it. When I'm fixing dinner, he loves to be held so he can see what I'm doing, but just last night I couldn't do it! He's too heavy to carry in one arm and cook. ....sad, sad, sad....  That's only the beginning. UPDATE TIME!

  1. When we're getting ready to leave somewhere, he knows. He'll find his shoes, sit in the spot I normally put him so I can easily slip them on, and he'll say "juice" or "water" because he knows I always give him his sippy before we leave the house.
  2. With the good, always comes the bad. This kid has tantrums like i've never seen before. Especially when Tyler or I tell him 'no' to something. Lord help us when we say "Dreydan, no-no please".
  3. He shares! He's beyond willing to share anything he's eating, playing with, or whatever. Most days...
  4. If he wants something and we ask him to say 'please', he'll do it. Unless he's already throwing himself on the floor, then you just have to forget about asking him anything and walk away.
  5. He loveeees animals. He can say the noises of just about any animal out there. When we're out and about, he can spot any animal from a mile away. If he randomly starts making an animal noise, you can bet there is one around.
  6. He's becoming quite a talker!! Words he says regularly now are: apple, shoe, NO, please, mama, dada, uh-oh, ewww, ready, cookie, juice, water, more, truck, football, milk, moon, mickey, ow, jump, up.
  7. When he first learned what an apple was, he would only say it when he wanted one. Now he says it when he's hungry, see's one, wants a snack, anything. 
  8. He's still very much a people person. He never wants anything to do with me, until I'm the only person left.
  9. He likes to go for walks around the house. He'll grab your hand and just walk around. Nowhere in particular, but just as long as he has your hand and he's the one leading, he's happy. 
{my baby}

I sure do love him.

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