Monday, October 3

Shame on them...and me.

Saturday was a bummer. T-birds lost. Booo! Not only was it a loss but it was the first conference game of the season. Double booo! Bah. Keeping
my fingers crossed for next'll be a
big win. Ending score 20-26

On a happier note! Aaron Corbiere, Tylers ex roommate/teammate from Snow College, came down from Dixie to watch with us! Unfortunately his wife, Anna, had to work so he came solo. So fun!

One more thing. I'm really kinda superstitious. I know I know. I can't help it! Both games that they've lost, my hair was in ponytail. It's all my fault.
Call me crazy BUT I refuse to wear my hair
up in any way for any more games.

This week SUU travels to South Dakota
Go Thunderbirds!


  1. PUT YOUR DAMN HAIR DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks a lot! JKJKJK

  2. O dang! Better luck next time! Love reading your blog btw!