Friday, September 9

Football season is HEREEE!

I'm happy, nervous, anxious, excited, proud, & a little sad about this years football season. 

First off, their first game was last week in South Dakota. Aaaand they lost. 28-29. Not the best way to start off but they've got 3 months to make up for it!

Second, it could easily be the last season of football Tyler ever plays. However, it could just as easily be the beginning. Okay, maybe not 'just as easily' but you get my drift. So work hard boo!

I absolutely LOVE going to football games, especially when its my hubby out there doin' his thing! The atmosphere is so welcoming and I love the buzz in the air, socializing, excitement, tension, smell of random foods, being 'ozzys' shucks.., I love it all! 

So stay tuned for this seasons updates because i'll be blogging about it ALL! What can I say, i'm a proud wife. 

Go, Fight, WIN!



  1. You better keep it all updated! Miss ur face. Guess who!

  2. It's fun to be apart of it with you guys!!! especially pre-game cafe rio and tanning!