Tuesday, September 13

Sacramento State @ Home

Saturday morning started off beautiful! Drey & I head over to the field, 12:30 rolls around..game starts at 1pm..and in come the rain clouds. Err. It rained on and off a fair amount the first 2 quarters but then the sun started creepin' and we had no more rain. 
Tyler had a great game! He had 2.5 sacks and was in on every. single. defensive. play. He was wiped out. So was Dreydan & I wouldn't let him fall asleep. Mean, mean, mean, mom!

We won! 35-14

I can't watch a game without popcorn. Unfortunately, Dreydan thought it was all his & he wouldn't share with me. Seriously, he would scream if I tried to put my hand in the bag.

  This weekend is San Antonio, Texas and its HOMECOMING!

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