Thursday, August 18

Dreydan is One

It's happened. It's official.
It makes me literally sick to my stomach to say that I now have a 1 year old.
It feels so surreal, I feel like i'm dreaming and any minute now i'll wake up and my little 2 week old will be snoozing in my arms.
Time is too fast for me and instead of lagging behind like I want, it pulls me forward FULL FORCE. 

I love that little piece of me & Ty more than I can even imagine describing. I now understand the strength and depth of a moms love. He grew inside me for 9 months and you can't get any closer to a persons heart than that.


Happy 1st year of life my sweet handsome baby!
We love you Dreydan!


  1. That was such a sweet post! Dreydan is a lucky boy to have a loving mother like you! Happy 1st Dreydan!

  2. I seriously just got emotional over this post because Wyatt turns one in LESS THAN A MONTH. I am not ready for this, holy crap.