Monday, August 22

Birthday Par-Tay!

Talk about being stressed out!
But it was all worth it.

I didn't end up making the cupcakes. I'm over it. I'd much rather pay someone to make them cute and delicious. Works for me! Unfortunately I have no picture documentation of the cute display table because, frankly, there wasn't one. The wind & I were in a constant battle yesterday so I didn't get to hang my banner or balloons, decorate my tables or set out my foods properly. eerr! But everyone was still happy and i'm pretty sure the only one who cared about all the decorating and who was mad at the wind was me. Go figure.

He was a little hesitant at first to dig into his cake. He kept looking at me and Ty to see what were going to do, and when we would urge him he would smirk and barely touch it with his pointy finger. Too cute!
It wouldn't be a party unless Dreys favorite people came! Most of these boys have known us since I was pregnant so they've been around since Drey has been born.
All of his "uncles". He loves them.

One more thing.
Notice his face...around the mouth area? Well...
Saturday my poor little baby had a mishap with the corner of door. He slammed his face right into it. He had a tiny 'line' bruise on his forehead and then moving down his face he has bruises slash
scabs on his nose and top lip. After it happened his nose was bleeding and his gums were bleeding. 
His scream the second it happened was probably the most heart wrenching scream ever. It still gives me chills to remember it. Uh! 
Fun Sunday afternoon! Thanks to everyone who came and to tys mama and sis who helped me out a bunch! 


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  1. Lookin good! :-) Who cares about baking or buying if the group is happy thats all that matters! Luv ya bitch.