Sunday, February 12

sunday fresh air

last weekend i went back to my hometown to visit and do the whole superbowl thing with the family. that afternoon, before the game, i took the babies on a walk. i had drey snap some pictures of eisley and i because i'm rarely on the front side of camera. and i felt cute sooo there's that. he took like 6 and was like k done haha. so in about 9 months i'll make him do it again. until then, these will be here. i seriously just love her.

my mom brought back that little dress that eisley is wearing from italy. after a while she ended up finding a mud puddle and freakin' dove right in. it was so cute and awesome.. can you taste my sarcasm? little butt head. okay it was cute, but not awesome. luckily i'm the master and i got it clean without having to wash it in hot or bleach the crap out of it. go meee.

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