Sunday, November 15

happy birthday, my love

my hubby is 27 today. he's not here with me, but he knows i'm thinking about him. i'm always thinking about him. when people ask me about him being gone and how i'm dealing with 2 kids yada yada.. my first thought is uuuh your husband leaves overseas a week after your second child is born.. how would you be "handling" it? but instead i joke and say it's rough but i'm getting used to this single mom life (insert fake lol).. not really, though. falling asleep alone, waking up alone, taking care of two babies alone.. you don't get used to it. i'm great at handling it. and i can deal with it. but am i getting used to it? no. never. 

i can't wait to see him. i can't wait to watch him get to know our 3 month old baby girl. i can't wait to cook him dinner every night. i can't wait to start folding his clothes again. i can't wait to yell at him to pick up his dirty freaking underwear that he literally set down right next to the hamper. i can't wait to laugh with him. i can't wait to watch dreydan laugh with him. i can't wait to hug him and kiss him and... other things. 

i'm not sure i say it enough, but i'm so proud of him. we have this crazy, unconventional life that for some reason just works. i love our journey & our story. his love for football has led us here and his passion is something i look up to. plus, it's kinda sexy.

and because he's coming home very shortly.. we saved his gift to give him in person rather than sending it overseas. dreydan picked it out all on his own. he saw it from across the store and bee lined right to it. he held it in his hands so tight, smiling so wide and said mom we hafta get this! daddy is gonna love this for his birthday. and he's sooo right. he is going to love it.

happy birthday, my love. i can't wait to have you home.

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    1. uhhh because there is no name with this comment i'm going to not tell you... i'm sorry!

  2. Touching!!! Almost over em. Love you guys

  3. Aww hope he comes home soon! I am sure he will love his present!

  4. Great post! Love that family of yours. And I am glad you don't have to be a single mom much longer! (even though you rock at it)

  5. You guys are so adorable. What a beautiful family you have. It is wonderful how much you guys love each other! :)