Wednesday, June 24

my preggo life this time around

i've mentioned before how this pregnancy is so much different than my first. and the further along i get, the more i realize how night & day it really is! i feel like every month brings something new (and more often than not, shitty) that i never experienced with my first.
so it started from the very beginning with my boobs. which is normal, right? your boobs get sensitive and you're like oh i need to make sure i stuff my purse with tampons and chocolate or you're preggo. obviously in my case it was the latter. but along with the extreme sensitivity i experienced, they also hurt sooo bad. tears would well up in my eyes when i'd get bumped the wrong way or i had a certain bra on or something. it was the worst. 
and then came the morning sickness. which in my case was the all freakin' day and night sickness for pretty much the first 21-22 weeks of my pregnancy. flying internationally during that time was not anything i ever want to do again. the worst flight of my life! i'm already sensitive when it comes to air/car sickness, but this was a whole new level of someone just kill me. and then once we were in japan, we had neighbors who smoked and anytime you opened a window you could smell their cigarettes. fish and cigarettes. talk about puke! that would put me out the rest of the day. and seriously, i might sound dramatic, but i had to lay in bed for hours at time to rid my nausea from certain smells. tyler thought i was crazy and he's probably right, but when you're pregnant, you just can't help it!
weight gain. i don't wanna talk about it. fml..
and then the heartburn/acid reflux. with drey, i experienced it towards the very end. i had to sleep upright for prob the last month of my pregnancy. which was fine, i mean i had no complaints about that. but it has started much earlier this time! of course it has, right? and it hasn't stopped. and don't tell me she's got loads of hair because that's what everyone said about drey and he came out with old man wisps. and my friend who just had an orangutan baby never had any heartburn ever. so that myth/theory is piff to me.
allergies. every year, first week of june, like a damn clock, no matter where i am, my allergies flare up. it's been like that my whole life and i'm used to it by now. i have my claritan that i pop everyday, my eye drops and tissues. this year, i was also moving into a new place that first week of june and unpacking boxes that have been sitting in storage for a year and collecting dust. DUST. my weakness in life. i borderline need an epi-pen when i get anywhere near it. so along with my annual allergy flare up, i had dust allergies which make me cough and sneeze uncontrollably. which then ruined my voice box so i talked and hacked like a seasoned smoker. if that wasn't bad enough, i coughed so long and hard that i tore a rib ligament.. yea. so now i feel a small pop throughout the day during certain movements & sneezes. and it. is. painful.
sleeping. all i can say is, i miss being able to roll from side to side without sitting fully upright first. and i miss sleeping on my belly. other than that, you mama's know what sleeping is like right now. although, i do have an incredible mattress pad that i just sink into and i can omit my tummy pillow. it's heaven. and my schedule is so weird. like one day i'll wake up around 7am and be ready to climb a mountain. the next i'll drag myself out of bed after 10am and not do a damn thing all day. i never know what to expect. luckily, drey is so chill that he just rolls with whatever kind of day it happens to be. love him.
also, i feel like i waddle a little more than i did with drey. actually, i don't think i waddled at all. but now i do. i need to be totally aware of my walking so i can concentrate on not waddling haha. it's a lot harder than you think.
preggo brain. it's real people. i am sooo dumb. i can't remember anything for the life of me! and when someone is talking to me, i will zone in and out like 9 times and have no control over it. i'm really trying, i promise. 
time.. is it just me or have i been pregnant for like 3 years now? because it feels like i've been through multiple pregnancies. duggar style. dreydans pregnancy flew by! but baby girl.. she's dragging these 9 months on like she can control them. not sure how she's doing it, but she is. i'm not crazy.
and okay yea, i've complained more this pregnancy than i ever did with dreydans. i'm like girls are the worst! sometimes i feel like i'm being insensitive..  but really, i'm so happy. i love love loooove feeling her roll around inside me. she moves constantly and it's just so good. i love preparing her room, folding pink clothes, talking about her with drey & ty like she's already in our arms.. it's sooo good. she responds to our voices, which dreydan thinks is the coolest thing in the world. and when i'm laying in bed rubbing coconut oil all over my belly (takes the itch away!), she responds with rolls and kicks and punches and whatever else she's got going on. i want her so bad, but i know she's safe right where she is, so i'll wait just a little longer. 
so what about you guys? how did your pregnancies differ? tell me everything..


  1. awwwwww. and all of that will go away, well maybe a month after you push out another 10 pounder. love you.

  2. Wait till she gets her!! My girl so is sassy and mean, not fun!! Also I was so hoping for Brittany's baby to be an orangutan but it didn't happen.

    1. hahaha you would have a sassy and mean baby girl! she's so cute though! and brittany''s baby is sooo sweet, omg i just love her.

  3. So far this pregnancy has been pretty similar to Max's. Morning sickness is the absolute worst! I had it bad with both mine and I am finally starting to feel some relief. Pregnancy brain is so real and I don't care what anyone including that new BYU study that says it's not real. IT IS!!! Ah pregnancy, I felt so bad for you having to move internationally during pregnancy, ugh and the smell of fish in Japan. That would have did me in!

  4. Congratulations!!
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