Monday, June 22

love for baby girl

i'm not gonna lie, it felt weird having a baby shower! i've always said that a second baby shower is only justified if the second baby is a different sex. and then it was my turn and i questioned that logic.. what do you guys think? 
anyways, it was great. i loved seeing my favorite people, mingling with family & opening gifts with little tiny pink surprises in them. like seriously you guys.. pink! ruffle bums, lace, and everything so dainty. ahhh i'm still just not sure how to handle it haha. i'm a boy mom! the transition is going to be crazy.
my sis in law made the cake, my mother in law made like 8 blankets for baby girl (swaddlers, quilts, errthang. she sews like nobodies bizz), and everyone else brought the only thing i'm lacking.. onesies! i loved it.
thanks mama for planning and making the day so simple and fun. it was perfect. 
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  1. so fun! can't wait for the fashion show for baby girl.

  2. I think it is totally okay to have a sprinkle. Especially when it is a different sex and a few years apart.

  3. Everything at your shower looks amazing! I've never had a boy, but I can promise you that girls are so much fun :)

    1. Thank you! And yea people keep telling me that haha.. I totally believe it though.

  4. I personally feel every life should be celebrated!! If someone offers to throw you one then you shouldn't feel weird about it. :) People love you and they want to show you and your baby that support and love!

  5. Aahhh! You had another baby! Now you have one of each and I have none, super jelly ;)