Friday, April 10

jurassic park // universal studios japan

last fall, for my birthday, tyler took me to universal studios here in osaka. i was ecstatic because i was finally going to diagon alley & hogwarts. i mean, a girl couldn't be happier haha. best day of my life & you can read about it here. you know you want to.

aside from that, dreydan finally got to visit jurassic park AND he got to ride the ride! he isn't tall enough to ride it in america, but in japan he's right on the edge. that little boy was in heaven! since 2yrs old, he's been watching jurassic park on the daily. and then we introduced him to the 2nd & 3rd, because we're good parents like that. he knows more about dinosaurs than i've ever cared to know. he can name like 25 different dinos, no problem. he knows which ones are herbivores vs carnivores, which ones can run fast vs really fast.. he will literally watch documentaries on youtube about dinosaur bones. he's just so nerdy and smart. his 3rd & 4th birthdays were dinosaur themed and his 5th will probably be too. he wants to be a paleontologist when he grows up AND he can't wait to see the new jurassic park movie coming out this summer. he's obsessed.

so yea, the boy was jumping out of his skin to be in the "real jurassic park" park. and we convinced him the dinosaurs you see on the ride are real. he thinks the only living dinosuars are in the universal studios rides. again, because we're good parents like that. otherwise he wouldn't be scared and obviously we wanted him scared haha. it was a good day.

dreys face haha.. fave picture ever.

drey & i are trying to talk tyler into taking us one more time before we leave japan forever next month. so far, we haven't accomplished much. but i'm confident that as time goes, he will ever so happily take us, huh ty :)) yay!

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  1. He must have been in heaven with all the dinosaurs!! Those faces though, priceless!! I think you can convince him! ;)

  2. You guys are the best parents ever! How fun! :)

    1. ha well.. you know... ;-) jk. thank you! xo

  3. I'm still so jealous you got to go to Harry Potter! And so happy Drey got to visit Jurassic Park! Love that picture. Epic! So, when you guys are done in Japan will you go anywhere else (besides home)?