Wednesday, April 8

getting rid of shadow boxes from pictures

just a few easy steps and these annoying boxes will be gone forever. ready?!

step one: go to: template >> customize >> advanced >> add to CSS

step two: copy & paste the code below to the CSS window and press enter

step three: click APPLY TO BLOG and you're done!

note -- whenever you're messing with codes on your blog, make sure and backup your template. go to template >> backup/restore (upper right hand corner). it only takes a second and it's totally worth it just in case you make a mistake. because the smallest error could mess up everything, and it sucks. trust.

hope this helps!

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  1. It only took me forever to figure this out when I started blogging. Where were you? I needed this then. Loving your tutorials. You're my blog hero. ;)

    1. Me too! I hated it so much! I forever thought it was my template I was using so I changed it like 400 times. Idiot.. And thank you! xxoo

  2. Great tip! I am in Wordpress but I didn't realize blogger defaulted with the shadow boxes.

    1. Yea... they're kinda weird like that ha.