Thursday, April 16

how i get my fix // and my new page.

everything is different in japan. what i've becomed accustomed to in america is not normally readily available here. like netflix, or my car, or a delicious mexican restaurant for me to eat my weight in chips & guac, or grass to lay on, or a gallon of milk. princess problems, i know. but the worst of all... the thing i miss most... fountain drinks. they have little "gas stations" (they aren't really gas stations because they don't sell gas) on every corner, but none of them have fountain machines. sometimes a girl, in my case pregnant, needs her ice cold fountain dr. pepper with extra ice. last summer i was on a like a weird soda strike (long story), so i didn't care as much. but i care now. i care!

so how do i get my fix?

there is a 7/11 at the end of our street, like 3-4 blocks down or something. i walk down there & go to the back where liquor section is...

there, they have little cups of ice you can purchase  

and then i pick my poison. coke, coke oooorrr coke? blech...

once i get home, i pour myself a drink. a mini fountain, if you will. and when i find 'fujita'. i might share with him/her.

and then i enjoy my mini sorta fountain. as much as one can enjoy a coke.. a bottled coke.

they actually do have dr. peppers here. i've seen them in vending machines. but they aren't common and they definitely aren't at the little corner markets or stores. boooo.

and also! my blog now has a facebook page.. i've told myself i never needed one or wanted one, but i know my friends & family sometimes get bored of my shares that i'm sometimes required to post. so i transitioned. like a boss! ha jk.. will you help me not look like a loser and go LIKE my fb bloggy page? i'll forever owe you. thanks lovers.

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  1. Dr. Pepper not being regularly available should be a crime!!