Tuesday, January 6

Honey Bee True Co.

Drey just loooooves when I follow him around and take his pictures for no reason haha. Most of the time I try to make it seem like the coolest thing ever, but he can see right through that bull & fights the crap out of me. Literally. If I don't have candy or some sort of chocolate to bribe him with, he'll start throwing punches. And he'll yell random stuff like "mom! just get out of my property!" He's so mean to me.

But then sometimes in the same session, he'll just let it happen and smile his little badass smile that makes me forget all the bruises I have from him... The struggles are real.


This company, Honey Bee True Co., that I want to show off right now is the best. Not only is she freakin' hilarious, but her shop is so fun & it's one of kind (from my experience)!! When I think of HBT, I think custom custom custom! She's queen of giving you exactly what you want. In just a minute I'll let her share more about her shop, but I want to brag about Dreys tee's! Made from American Apparel, so you know they're soft, thin - yet durable, and they wash like a gem! *i washed them delicately in cold water and then hung them up to dry*
Honey Bee True Co. is only 6 months old, but has done so much already! Nicole is such a talented little lady & so easy to work with. I'm so happy our paths have crossed & I wish nothing but the very best for her, her company, and her family! Seriously, go check out her shop!
Wife for 6.5 years
Step mama to Hailey (12)
Mama to Beez (Benjamin 3)

I received a BS in art, minor in art history from UofO. The same year I graduated,  I married and wr bought a house. There were no job opportunities available that would utilize my degree.  I studied a bit became a certified pharmacy tech. Doesn't make logic sense but my sister in law was in the field so I knew what I had to do (without paying for more school). I worked in that position for 5 years. In the end the job was straining on my family and my happiness.

About five months before I quit my day job I played a very small part in a fundraiser to help a family with urgent need for medical attention. A local shop friend @ryderandrhenn listed my (now available) 'XO' shirt in her shop.  She passed the details of size and address to me and I painted up and sent them on their way. My husband noticed how much I enjoyed it and together we worked through several methods to get the one that works the best for me. Then we worked out the details of living differently. I slowly built up HBTco and then quit!

I enjoy simple, modern and lot of color.   When faced with color, I want all of it. That is why I offer so many different colored shirts. Recently I have heard from customers saying, they don't see some of these colors offered anywhere else. It isn't something I paid any attention to, nor am I bragging about it. I applaud those in the screen printing world. It would be an impossible task for me to pick one color per one design.

I also adore fonts of all kinds! Several of my designs are by my hand and not generated from a computer.  All of my shirts are blank, mostly American apparel,  until ordered.  This allows my customers to pick from the available shirt and even the paint color. Yes I have a collection of those too. I believe everyone wants a one of a kind or a special kind of shirt and I am so happy that I can give that. I have had the privilege of being part of birthdays,  holidays, announcements all the while being home with my family. In the short six months of being honey bee true co I have met so many amazing people that are not only customers but people I call my friends.

customized 'gangsta rap made me do it' tee c/o HBT
customized 'XO' tee c/o HBT found here

check out Honey Bee True Co. and when you find and create something you love, use code FREESHIPPIN for free domestic shipping!
also! check out HBT on Instagram @honeybeetrueco and show her some lovin'

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  1. Drey is just so cute. I love the story of how her shop came to be. So nice she was able to live a life you love.