Thursday, January 1

hiii 2015

I thought about writing a really awesome post about my 'resolutions in reverse'. You know like things I need to STOP doing rather than things I need to start doing. But I've seen a couple of them floating around (ugh i hate when people take my ideas..) and I can't compete with all these well-written, intelligent, snarky, perfectly thought out posts/articles. And I've read so many that I would just end up plagiarizing on accident anyways. I'd be whipping out the best post of my life and then remember that I copied and pasted. I can't start 2015 like a damn criminal. Although, I did take 2 samples of bread at Kneaders this morning when she told me only one. Maybe I'm cut out for this life after all. I watch a lot of Forensic Files you guys, you'd be surprised what I know about murder.

Okay, I took a left turn somewhere. What I'm trying to say is, I don't want to talk about resolutions. Because I said last year, resolutions are retarded. And if you remember, I was bitched out for using the word 'retarded' in replace of 'stupid'. Her child is disabled and she was "very offended" by it. Well I'm sorry but I wasn't talking about your child, I was talking about resolutions. I don't even know you! And if I'm not mistaken, stupid is a mean word too, Ms. Lady. I made myself clear I would never use either word while referring to any child. But I would use it while describing the last Divergent book. Anyone read it? YEA, I'M STILL PISSED. WHAT KIND OF AUTHOR DOES THAT?! A BAD ONE, THAT'S WHAT KIND. Ughhhh! Who can I keep complaining to? I've been kicked out of the chat rooms indefinitely.

Gah, I'm sorry again. I have really good intentions for this post I swear. Which reminds me. One of my 'resolutions in reverse' was to stop swearing. Haha okay lets not get crazy, stop swearing as much. I don't need a mouth like some white trash 14 yr old wannabe rapper. I'm a mother. And a wife. And a daughter. And a Taylor Swift lover. Tay Tay would never say bad words. I also love Britney though and I know that girl has her share of potty mouth. So if I happen to have a bad word come out of me, don't worry, I'll keep it classy. Cause I'm a mom. But not like one of those regular moms, I'm a cool mom.

I've literally lost my original train of thought for this post. It was going to inspirational. Like a "wow she really has a way with words" kind of post. But it's gone. Probably forever.

So I'll close my post by sharing some pictures (click the links if ya want more!) from 2014 that I love... enjoy.

vs. panasonic - epic win!

hood walks in amagasaki

a little afternoon football with daddy

happy 4th little man.

vs. rise in tokyo

powell: pow wow night photo op with my sista's.

So when we went to Japan, I left my SD card that had our Lake Powell trip AND Drey's 4th birthday party & actual birth DAY on it. Soooo I need to make a post with those because by far the best part of summer. Trust. :))

Happy 2015, you lovely, badass readers, you.

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  1. haahah you crack me up, love this and I am also a Tay Tay fan!! Happy New Year!

    1. Tay Tay fans fo lyfe!!! Happy New Year! xo

  2. That was real deep and shit. Sorry I am trying to make up for your trying to be classy. Haha! His birthday looked like a blast! Let's kick 2015 in the groin and own it!

  3. Bitch please? Stop cussing? I just couldn't. Also I laughed so hard because I totally remember the resolution post incident from last year. Holly balls people can be so touchy!

  4. You are awesome!! You crack me up. Cheers to 2015!!