Monday, December 1

let's go on an adventure.

Having a little boy, it's hard to be matchy matchy with him. I used to do it all the time when he was a baby, it was so cheesy you guys haha, but I loved it. It slowly faded out.. Until these sweaters from Jolly Good Apparel came into my life. Not only does it have thee best words on it (because 'let's go on an adventure' is totally our saying), but they're so cute, so comfy, sooo perfect for a mom & son match day! I love.

'let's go on an adventure' sweater from jolly good apparel found HERE.

 photo EmilySignature_zps0043f664.png


  1. These pictures are great and the matching outfits are adorable! New follower from the collective :)

    xoxo Jenny

  2. You two are so cute, all matchy matchy! The boyfriend jeans look so comfy but i like them with the leggings too.

  3. Oh my goodness! You two are TOO cute for words. Love the matching sweaters. Those are totally our words too!

  4. Ah! So cute! I've never done the whole matchy thing with my daughter, now i'm thinking I should... hehe (ps thanks for linking up with The Collective!)