Thursday, October 9

live gnarly // make waves

I experienced my very first ever typhoon! Okay, I might have slept through it, but it happened. We woke up the next morning to partly cloudy skies and a warm breeze.. So pretty much I had no clue. Also, thanks to everyone who was worried about us and sent me badass texts about how to survive a typhoon haha, classic! 

We've been cherishing our walks a little more now that the air is cooling down. We take streets we've never been down before {there are literally billions}, and Drey talks non-stop about nothing & everything. His stories are the coolest part of my day. They are so crazy, r i d i c u l o u s & seriously so freaking amazing at the same time. Love love love. 

The tee Drey is wearing is from a shop called Mischief Makers Apparel. It's such a cute little shop & I was so happy to see that the fit of their tees are a little longer & baggier than most places. I always size up when ordering clothes for Drey online because they always run small. But the shirt he's wearing is a 5 & even though he's 4, it fits perfectly on the baggy side. He looked so comfy in it! And I love how effortlessly cool he is. Like, he doesn't even realize.

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  1. LOL Yes, kids not only have physical endless amounts of energy but, endless amount of verbal energy as well lol and you described it right to a T too. lol

    Love the t-shirt he has room to grow into it, perfect! =0)

    I thought I was bad, you guys sleep through a typhoon and I couldn't feel an earth quick if my life depended on it everyone who knows me says it's the side effects from when I used to drink that the swaying has become my second nature therefore I don't notice the earthquake. O.o lol

    Although I have no idea how true that since I don't drink no more but, I'll go with it there's no other explanation! =0/

    1. Hahaha really?! My hubby got stuck at a friends house the night of the typhoon and he said he was awake all night because of the wind and rain. I was like "oh.. i literally heard nothing" Haha.. Your explanation sounds perfect to me!

  2. I love your life through photography type of blog! This is gorgeous!

    Beth at

  3. He is definitely 'effortlessly cool'. Perfect words to describe Drey! Love all of these pictures.

  4. He is just so stinking cute. He just seems so perfectly unaware of his style and coolness, which is how it should be. Glad that the typhoon was nothing too major and everyone is ok.

  5. He's so adorable. Thanks for the pics. Miss you

  6. Happy to hear the typhoon wasn't anything bad near you guys. Drey is so freaking adorable in his outfit!