Tuesday, September 2

The reason we're here - Finies Football!

I got to experience my very first football game in Japan, guys. I've missed watching Tyler play so much! The game itself is exactly like American football. However, the atmosphere was a little different. And by atmosphere I mean the food. They don't have the same concessions; burgers, nacho's, popcorn, cotton candy etc.. They did have fried chicken on a stick though. I think it was on a stick? It might not have been on a stick. As far as everything else goes; they have cheerleaders, announcers, the plastic tube things you blow up and hit together to make the most annoying noise ever. They've got it all. And it was perfect.

I met some new wives, Drey & his new bff ran around the whole time screaming.. giving us foreigners a bad name haha. No seriously, if you're reading this, that white kid running around WAS NOT mine. Trust me. Best part about the night? The Finies won! Wanna know what's even better about the best part of that? This was the first time in over 20 years that the Finies have defeated this team, Panasonic. It went into triple overtime & they came out on top kicking a field goal for the win. 24-21! Holler.

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  1. So awesome they were able to pull out a win and break the losing streak!

  2. That last picture. Stop it. FOR REALZZZ! THE CUTENESS! (Normally I'd read but I'm drunk right now so I'm only looking at your pictures. Forgive??)

  3. HOW FUN! Love that last picture :)!

    1. It's so fun! Thanks so much for the love! xo

  4. I love the smile on their faces. I know Ty missed his football and I know Drey missed watching him...and lets face it...Em you like being a football players wife. So yeah. Its all good.