Sunday, August 31

Kobe Oji Zoo

Saturday afternoon, before Ty's first game, Drey & I went to the zoo in Kobe! It's right across the street from the stadium so we had plenty of time to bum around. When we got there it was raining, shocker! It's always raining here.. So we marched around with our umbrella's and poncho's for a bit until it cleared up. And seriously, if I'm not drenched from the rain running down my back, then it's sweat. You guys! I'm always sweating! It's so humid. I look like a hot mess after being outside for like 6 minutes. I make the effort to straighten my hair for a day on the town & I show up looking like I ran 2,489 miles and tripped 100 times along the way. You win, humidity! You. Fking. Win.

So despite being only $6 total to get in, the zoo was really nice! It was way bigger than I expected and there was like a little amusement park/carnival area in the middle of it. We walked around and saw flamingo's, cranes, porcupines, panda's, all types of brown/black/polar bears, felines, koala's, disgusting bats (gag!), giraffes, crocs.. tons of animals! You know what Dreydan was excited about the most? The horses. The sheep. The CHICKENS. I'm like Drey, literally all of these animals roam the roads at home, wouldn't you rather stare at the panda's or the animals not in our eco-system? He resisted for awhile but then decided I was right. But he was sooo happy when he saw those horses. Shiz balls, you'd think he had never seen one. It was cool though because they had this big area where they let the sheep, ducks, goats, geese & a few other animals roam freely.

By now we're both sweating like whores in church. Homeboy will not stop running & looks like he's going to pass out. So we head over to the amusement park area, get some tickets & find some rides. There was this one ride that I wasn't sure what it was or did, but it was a rocket so Drey wanted to go in. There was an old man sitting just inside, Dreydan gave him his tickets, he led him to the back and closed Drey in this little room. And then made me get out. There was a language barrier so I had no clue what was going to happen but I stood back and let it haha. When the doors opened Drey came running out with a big smile on his face and yelled "I WENT TO SPACE!"... He did a dragon coaster, train ride, & a couple others before we had a little time for a snack, gift shop (obvi), & then had to head over to Ty's game! Perfect afternoon with my boo.

My camera was on the wrong setting for like half the animals, including the panda's! Booo!
So that's why there aren't any pica's of them. And don't you just want to squeeze that koala?? 

Stay tuned for Tyler's game post, holla holla!

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