Thursday, April 17

Just call me Glamorous Glenda.

So I was asked to Guest Post over at abeautyfulhigh.
It's a beauty blog & well.. you know me. I'm beautiful.
I knew you guys would appreciate my sharing this with you as well. You're welcome.
Hey there! I'm Emily & I blog over at My Life in Words. And it's just that, my life in words.
My most consistent postings are of my 3yr old homeboy, Dreydan. He calls me mama.
Then I've got my main sqeezy, Tyler. He calls me wife. I'm his #1 hoe.
And then there is everything else that comes along the way.

I love to blog, I love my blog & I'm so happy to be here blogging for you!
 Don't call me a "lifestyle" blogger tho... I'll punch you. I don't even know what that means.

When Chanda asked me to guest post for her I thought "oh my gosh, I don't have ANY beauty knowledge! How?! Why?! Nooooo!"
And then she made it even worse by telling me I could write about my daily beauty/fitness routine & how
I incorporate that into having a busy toddler. I agreed.. but guess what? I may or may not have the most boring beauty routine ever. So here is the other side of beauty!
That being said, get your popcorn bowls & Snuggies because here I go!

When I think of the phrase "beauty routine", I shit you not I think of like someone standing in the mirror for
an hour every morning & night applying creams & exfoliating with the most expensive products out there.

Would I be wrong?

Some of you are probably like no we don't do that... And then the rest of you are like how did she KNOW?!

I don't do anything out of the ordinary for myself. I'm pretty basic when it comes to my beauty regime.
I like reading what people do to make themselves look better, brighter, shinier... but when it comes down
 to it at the end of the day, I just don't have the motivation myself to do them.
That's not an excuse to take care of yourself, I know. Stop judging me!

I also do a lot of things I'm not supposed to.
Like tanning.
I don't like bronze lotions, I don't like the sprays & I don't like being white.
(i should know better considering half my family has had cancer)

So what exactly DO I do/use in my everyday life?

one. Mary Kay's Timewise Repair line. I don't care what anyone says, this stuff works for me. I don't think I've tried anything from Mark Kay that I haven't liked. It's expensive, but worth it. I use as directed & I've never had any problems with my skin. My personal rep is Jennifer Pelley. She is AWESOME! Full of knowledge, tips, & tricks about each and every MK product. She has personally used each one & will give you honest answers about how they worked for her. 

two. Crest 3D White Strips. I use this entire line of products. Loveee! I use the whitening strips about every 6 months & I brush 2-3 times a day with their toothpaste. I've had my dentist tell me that I need to stop using mouthwash so often. Twice a day is my limit haha, who knew. 

three. Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lip balm. I live for this you guys. I've always got their lip balm and/or lip gloss with me. It's my fave! It doesn't absorb into my lips at rapid speeds, smells yummy & who are we kidding, it's adorable. Only problem, no SPF. If I'm at the lake or going to be in the sun all day, I will use my chapsticks that have SPF in them. My lips were burned once because I was using non-SPF chapstick {EOS lip balm! yea i'm calling you out... your shit made my lips burn} and to this day I still hate myself. Worst pain ever!

four. Yup. Maybe it's Maybelline. This is all the makeup in my makeup bag. I don't wear eye shadow, foundation, base, lip liner, blush, lipstick... I don't wear or use any of it. Eyeliner & mascara are all I've got. I'm a plain Janer! One would say it's because of my natural beauty.... But no. It's because I'm not coordinated enough to figure it out! I've tried caring about makeup, I just can't. I'm not about that life! Plus, Tyler prefers no makeup on me. He thinks I've got what it takes to be au natural! So if my man is happy with little to no makeup, then so am I.

five. Coconut oil. So far, I use this as a mask for my hair once a week. I'm still learning everything there is to know about it & that's why I'm having Chanda put together a guest post for me that will be all about Coconut Oil! {it will be posted next week, stay tuned!}

six. Jergens lotion. I'm a little lotion obsessed you guys. I lather myself with it right after I get out of the shower, before getting dressed. I do it at night before getting into bed & I do it all throughout the day. I've done this since I was in like 6th grade. I don't use anything fancy, expensive or imported.. just Jergens. 

This is what I look like most days... yours truly.
stop staring.

Someone please tell me I'm pretty.

I haven't changed up my "beauty routine" style in forever because this is what works for me.
Basic Betty.
To each their own, right.

Not to mention my busy toddler who needs my undivided attention constantly.
Again, that's no excuse.. stop judging me!

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  1. You're so pretty! with love yo' momma.

    1. That Mary Kay repair line really is the bomb.

  2. I'm so jealous that all you wear makeup-wise is mascara. What a bitch.

  3. You are gorgeous girl! That is all you wear for makeup?! Dang girl! I need spackle and a trojan horse to look decent.

    1. I am here to give a second to this. She really doesn't need anything. Its that olive skin of hers...I hate it. I am so white I glow in the dark when the lights are off.

  4. Haha. I love reading your blog! You always keep it real and hilarious! love it. xo Laila

    1. Thank you! You're the bestest :-)))