Wednesday, March 26

The walking T-Rex.

So we went to a gem show last weekend. I know, we're hippies. Well.. my mom is. It was her idea.
She wanted to take Dreydan because she read there was a walking T-Rex exhibit.
So we went.
Mr. Bones, he calls himself.. this T-Rex man.
It was really cool!
Drey was hesitant at first but after he got to have a look inside the dino's mouth, he was sold!

It's not everyday you watch a man climb inside some dinosaur bones and walk around haha.

That's all.

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  1. You're right... I don't see that everyday!

  2. seriously a blast! & cutest little boy ever. Do you live in Colorado? or Utah? I cant member lol. cam JUST bought his plane ticket for Denver next month and was all "ya wanna come?" Im gonna be REAL PISSED if you live in Denver and I missed my opportunity for some Britney jam sessions. eff.

  3. also? aint nothing wrong with hippies :) lol

  4. I would also like to look inside a dinos mouth.

  5. a hippie? best thing ever said about me! that was the coolest show ever, and i spent like $2.00. Cheapest gem show EVER!

  6. im surprised you didn't show off our matching shirts. seriously.

  7. Aww, the black and white photo is especially adorbssss!