Monday, February 24

What's making my life good right now.

one. Modern Family reruns at midnight on the weekends. I live thee life people.

two. Workout dates with the hubby. Couples who workout together, stay together. Holler.

three. All the adorable crafts Dreydan brings home from preschool. {blog post about his craft wall soon!}

four. March. Because Divergent blockbuster! I started this series when it came out and have been patiently waiting for each and every book as it was released. This last one was like over a year! So all of you who are reading them NOW that the movie is coming out, one after the other... eff you. I hate you. Lick my ball sack. Go die. 

five. Salt Water Taffy. I'm serious you guys. I love it so much & I want to marry it.

six. My little home. It's teeny tiny & the location is somewhat undesired, but it's cozy & my hubby gets to come home to me every night. Doesn't get any better.

seven. Tyler's "guest post" he's writing for me haha. It's gonna be good, I can't wait to post it. Gear up.

eight. My new bookshelf. I've had piles on piles & bags full of books in my closet because I have nowhere to put them! But my mom loves me and found me a bookshelf & then drove 3 hours to bring it to me.   

nine. Thrift stores, antique shops, DI, yard sales.. I've always loved digging through used stuff & finding treasures but lately, it's been an obsession.
What's making your life good right now?

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  1. I always work out with Kory during the summer, but during hockey season he has to do his workouts at the rink with the team, so I miss working out with him! Happy Monday!

  2. The way you feel about people reading Divergent is the way I feel about people who have discovered Breaking Bad and can bingewatch it on Netflix. In twenty years we are going to tell kids that back in our day, we had to wait ONE WHOLE WEEK for the next episode of a show to come out and they won't believe it. Also I LOVE your Coca-Cola crate!

    Today I am happy because for once my fingers and toes are painted at the same time and I am wearing heels for the first time in 2014. Talk about feeling like a grown up!

  3. Can't wait for your man's guest post haha. I expect it to be amazing!

  4. I love working out with guys, they push me to work out harder. Salt Water Taffy was my crack growing up. So good! Looking forward to seeing what Tyler has to say! My puppy always makes me happy!

  5. Dude antique stores are awesome! My mom and I go to estate sales all the time, and you can find some pretty awesome stuff for a great price!

  6. the fact that i'm no longer at death's door is what's making me happy! but i have to go back to work tomorrow which licks major bag and that is NOT making me happy!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda