Sunday, February 23

Sundayyy Social.

What is my favorite breakfast food?
My favorite favorite favorite is my hubby's homemade hash brown's. Mmm!
But since he won't cook breakfast for me everyday, my almost every morning breakfast is
2 chocolate chip Eggo waffles w/syrup & a Dr. Pepper. How old am I..? I know.

What is the best way to spend a free day?
  Well damn... that depends. 
Am I alone? Trash TV, jammies, laundry..
Is Tyler home with me? Sports Center, afternoon delight x2 or 3, lots of food..
Is it summer time? Outside all day! I don't even curr what it is.
Is it snowing? Eff that. Keep the blinds closed all day.
Just me & Drey? Read every book he owns 9 times & hit the library for more.

If I had an airline ticket to anywhere in the world, where would I go & why?
I've always wanted to explore Greece. Every damn inch of it.
It's beautiful, historic, fascinating, just oh so cool!
I'm just mesmerized with the history of it & I think it's fabulous.

I can only leave the house with 1 thing, what is it?
Okay okay okay.
I would take with me........ my purse? 
Does my purse count?! Can I jam my purse full?!

How do I take my coffee?
My taste buds have never acquired the taste for coffee.
I don't drink it. I hate it.
Call me crazy, but I take my morning caffeine in the form of a can with Dr. Pepper inside.
Start my day off right, yo.

As always, linking up with Ashley for Sunday Social!

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  1. Dr Pepper is way better than coffee!

  2. Coffee makes me want to puke...tastes like hot PISS. I'm with you... pop is the way to go... Coke Zero for me!

  3. I actually love coffee now. Damn it, California has changed me. But I'm digging the afternoon delight x2 or 3 you little ho bag you ;)

  4. Nothing like some trash tv on a free day! Guilty pleasure! Haha. Stopping by from the Social! :)

    Sweet Southern Sparkle

  5. Seriously we would be the best of friends! Eggo's and soda for breakfast is awesome! Afternoon delight x2 or 3 is a given you cheated! Haha! Greece is on my bucket list because it is hella gorgeous duh!

  6. Greece is definitely on my bucket list! Looks gorgeous. And now I want a Dr. Pepper.