Friday, November 15

Hubby is 25!

Here are some birthday facty's about my main squeezy, the King for the day.
He grew up in Ogden, Utah and lived that thug life. My very own Slim Shady.
He played college football for 4 years on scholarship & killed it.
He was part of the coaching staff for THIS high school football team that made national headlines this season.
He has rap battles with himself.
He stalked me in college... and I liked it.
His favorite food is candy.
He loves me & Drey more than anything. Except football.
He hates white sauce on foods. Mayo, alfredo, gravy etc...
He would watch The Legend of the Falls every night if I let him.
His man crush is Matthew Mcconaughey.
When it comes to football/basketball/baseball anything, he knows it. He's a fountain of information.
He'd join a cult if Kobe Bryant was the leader.
He played professional football in Japan for 1 season.
He had to put his dreams of playing in the NFL on hold because of Drey & me.
He hates to snuggle, but loves me enough to let me weasel my way into him during the night.
He is Dreydan's hero & Dreydan is his hero.
He might look like a hardass, mean ole douche bag, but he's a big teddy bear.
He flushes the toilet in the middle of peeing & flush again when he's done.
He married a cradle robber...
He's so smart, witty, handsome & he'll do anything for anyone. PUSH.OVER.
 He's pretty much the bestest. And he's mine!
Happy Birthday, Lovey!
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  1. awww happy birthday to the hubby!!!

  2. YOUR EYES!!!! holy balls, you are one gorgeous mama. the flushing thing? how odd! lol but I say this every time how much him and my man remind me of eachother, cam only cuddles for me too, hates every second of it....but I think its growing on him haha

    1. Stop.. He seriously pee's like that. And sometimes he won't flush a second time. Cuddling isn't growing on Ty, I'm jealous of you. :-(((

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks girl! I appreciate your comment :-))

  4. hope he had a great one. :D

    1. He did! He's had better because we were pretty boring this weekend but it's okay. He still loves me ha.

  5. Awww, cute facts! The peeing thing is too fun! At least he flushes though! Love that he is a softy even though he looks like a badass!