Friday, June 7

When a pile of rocks is cooler than you.

 I babysat my nephew {who is 1 month younger than Drey} the other day & behind my brother's house in a large field is a giant pile of rocks. 
Can you guess who became non-existent? Yup, me.

Up & down, up & down, up & down... 
I could've went inside, taken a nap & they wouldn't of moved from this rock pile.

Finally the rocks got too hot & they had to move on to AC.
So as punishment for ignoring me for a pile of rocks, I made them stand still & take pictures with me.

{okay so those little jerks liked it...}

{and then i was ditched. again.}

Karen... Kase stripped off his pants somewhere around lunchtime & never wanted them back on. I rolled with it.
I'm the cool aunt, okay? Baby boy gets to do what he wants.

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  1. clearly a rock pile is way cooler then moms, my girls woulda loved that. your too cute by the way.

  2. Stopping by from the Bloglovin' Collective Blog Hop.

    Hey, don't knock rocks. They rock, you know. LOL.
    Yeah, that was bad.

  3. Love the post Em! Those boys sure love each other! And as for the pants... he never takes his pants off for me. That crazy boy! Thanks so much for watching him! It was nice to know he was with someone who loves him and takes good care of him!

  4. The mountains in the background are awesome!!


  5. You are too cute!! And tell me about that large room with a mirror that you are in?!? I'm curious!