Wednesday, May 29

sh*t my kids says

When Dreydan says something that makes me laugh out loud or leaves me staring at the wall thinking WTF just happened?,
I have to write it down. I was looking through that notebook &
these were some of my favorites.

//He ripped off a leg of one of his toys & came running to me...
 Mooom! Look at this.. oh no. Will you fix it?
Sure! Lemme see it.
Well maybe, actually...maybe I should find someone else.

//I asked him once to sing me a song.
Sing? That's so stupid. Maybe you should ask dad.
and then he leaves the room.

//Heard him having some chats with his toys in his room so I walk in and say
Hey dude!Whatcha playin'?
Turns to me with thee most serious face I've ever seen and says 
You should probably go.
And continued to stare at me until I left... What. The. Fuh?

//Going over to his cousin Konnor's house.
Mom, are you SURE we're going to Konnor's? Don't take me to the store. I don't want to shop.

//I sneeze.
Well God bless you, mom! Now say thank you....

//When we argue about anything, he points his finger and says
You stop it right now mom! You don't say that! Get out of my room!
even when we're not in his room.

//Recently he's discovered his balls & asked Tyler what they were. So everyday it's...
Mom check it out, these are my balls! Look mom! Do you have balls too? This is MY ball sack.

//When we're at the park, he attacks random kids with kindness. And it's weird.
Hey you are my friend. My best friend. Are you my brother? Wanna play with me brother?
Dreydan, he's not your brother, stop bein' a creep.
Yes he is my brother! And I'm a dinosaur! He's my baby dinosaur!

//In the car on the way home. He asked for a cupcake & I told him we were going to have dinner first.
We're having donuts for dinner! And after I eat aallll of my donuts, I get cupcakes! OKAY?

//Walks into my room one day and says
Hey mom? Do you have to go potty?
Nope I don't...
Okay well you better let me know when you have to pee!
Walks out.

//While reading to him his fave dinosaur book
What is this dinosaur called?
I think you're wrong.
The book says it's an Oviraptor.
.....I think this book is wrong.

seriously i could go on & on & on....

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  1. This is hilarious! You have to do a part 2! I don't know which was funnier: him finding his balls or after being nice to kids, saying the kid is his brother and he's a dinosaur.

  2. This is my ball sack! I'm dead!

  3. hahahaha omg! I wonder what he was doing when he said "you should probably go". Does he go around telling everyone about his ballsack lol

  4. Hahaha, I LOVE the things that little kids say!!! :) It seriously is the greatest!! :)


  5. ball sack. I laughed so hard, those are the reasons Im terrified of having a boy. However on the other side, my girls ask Cameron what that gross thing is....yup girls its very gross stay away-stay away forever. I love how outgoing he is to his new friends at the park, I only wish my gals were half as sociable.

  6. Haha. OMG this is hilarious!! My parents used to keep a notebook of the funny shit we said too. One time my brother was sitting in the backseat behind my dad and he asked him if he knew the number to Hair Club for Men. "I think you need it" he said. lol.


  7. that's my dude. emily you have to write a book.

  8. Please do a part two. That is funny S right there!!

  9. I love it. kids say the best things.

  10. I love the one about shopping. Kids are so funny.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  11. This is hilarious! My little girl is just starting to talk and i'm actually really excited to have her say funny things like this hahaha
    Oh and I found you via Wildcard Wednesday!
    Keia @

  12. Oh my gosh, I just diiiied laughing out loud reading these! "You should probably go" hahahahaha - Oh man, what a cutie!


  13. Thanks for linking up on the Bloglovin Blog Hop tonight! You are a faithful linker and I really appreciate it.

    Take care,
    Happy Kids, Inc

  14. "Well God bless you, mom! Now say thank you..."

    Oh my gosh. Your son sounds like the coolest kid ever. Freakin' hilarious!

  15. Soooo funny! That is so great. I need to start writing down the stuff my kid says too.

  16. Emily he is hilarious. It makes me so excited for when my baby gets bigger. Your family is too cute.