Monday, June 24

Our Father's Day Weekend.

Because I'm a brat & Tyler wasn't home for Mother's Day, I decided not to do a whole lot for him this year.
Instead of a doting wife and the whole "it's father's day!" we escaped to the mountains for a hike & picnic. 
It's about a 40 min drive to the Uintah mountains, which isn't bad.
But it's kinda weird having to drive to mountains rather than having them right out your back door.

 {oh yea, we're hardcore}


I was tossing my crusts from my sandwich behind me & Tyler made the comment about attracting bears. 
It freaked me out and I forced to tell me what he'd do in the event of a bear walking through the tree's toward us. 
Something about fighting him with a tree branch.... Yea.

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  1. This sounds like a perfect day to me!! I can't wait to have kids and take them hiking with me :) My guy is a mountain man himself, and I'd definitely trust him to fend off a bear attack for me :)


  2. This sounds pretty great to me. And at least you were there for Father's Day!

  3. you are such treehugger hiker people.

  4. I love, love hiking and go every chance I can not that the weather is nice. It is so peaceful, no phones ringing, a great workout and makes my heart happy. Glad you had a great time and being with family is what is most important!

  5. Tell him to get his CC permit! pronto. that'll help with the bears :)

  6. Haha! I had the same kind of attitude. We went to a huge park near our house. It was a "family day" instead of a spoil-dad kind of day.

  7. It drives me CRAZY how people here are always saying how close they are to the mountains, and I am like um no you are not!! It's Definitely not like growing up in Sanpete where to the top took 10 mins from Fairview. Oh by the way a couple weeks ago we went on big horn loop road and saw what looked like mountain lion tracks!! I made the girls get in the truck ASAP!!

  8. so fun! I love hiking, and family days. The last photo is precious, so in the moment!