Saturday, May 25

Our tradition!

Every time this girl & I get together, we have to hit Blockbuster 
& find the scariest movies for our Horror Movie Fest.

{not sure why the sign says 'action' but it's def the horror section}

Unfortunately, we SUCK at picking new movies. 
I mean, we've seen all the good ones already, so we have to dig & try really hard to not get something terrible. 
Which happens every time.

This time we picked out The Triangle, The Thaw, & New Nightmare.
We felt good about our picks because they had some good actors like, Melissa George, Liam Hemsworth {hello!}, Val Kilmer, & Shawn Ashmore {weston from the following. double hello!}.

We had our treats ready...
We were ready to be all like 

Instead it was more like
and seriously, if you haven't seen THIS youtube video, do it. funny as hell.

But the bottom line is, we're creeps. And we love that scurry shit!

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  1. I am seriously laughing so hard at those gifs. One day we will find some good scary movies! Someday...

    1. When someday!?!? WHEN DAMNIT?!
      I luff you.

  2. Hahah I had the same thought - "You still have a BLOCKBUSTER???" There is NO video store anywhere near me. Anywhere.


  3. Hahaha!! Love it. All of our Blockbusters closed down!

  4. Ah, love most scary movies, but tend to stay away from the creepier ghost stuff or anything involving clowns. Small, possessed children freak me out the most - but my favorite thing is movies with excessive gore (More SAW movies, please!)

    - Heather