Saturday, August 4

Tyler & Japan.

It's been a little over a month since Tyler has been in his new home. 
Wanna know what he's been up to? Okay! Talked me into it. Here's an update on my lover boy.

First off, there were so many things that Tyler had to adjust to. Food, air quality, public transportation, amount of people just randomly walking around, the houses, weather, appliances.. Just to name a few. Sit back and enjoy my stories about ALL of these! You lucky ducks you.
Keep in mind that where Tyler is, is not as "Americanized" as a bigger city like Tokyo.

Food! You eat what you're offered or it's considered 'rude'. They eat mostly everything raw and rarely do they cook meat. If by some chance they do, they'll crack a raw egg on top of it. Why hasn't this caught on in America, I ask you? Around day 3 in Japan, Tyler was out at a restaurant with the GM of the team(who tyler said eats out pretty much everyday) and he ordered for Ty, for obvious reasons. Among his plate of the rawest of raw sushi and rice was raw chicken. My husband being the badass he thinks he is, ate it. Guess what happened? He got really sick..shocker! But not like 'oh i don't feel good i'm going to bed early' sick.. He was worthless for a week. He couldn't keep anything down, not even water. I felt so bad but I told him even if he has to be "rude", no more raw food!! The only place he can shop is Costco because it's the only place with American food. Which is fine because Costco is awesome. Just like you... Moving on.

Air quality! They have no limits on smoking. Tyler said everyone smokes and they are allowed to smoke EVERYWHERE. He hates it.

Public transportation & random people! If don't have lots of money, you probably don't have a car. Trains and bikes are the shit there because that is literally how people have to get around. Tyler said that bikes own the road, there are too many people just walking around it gives him anxiety, and taking a train anywhere takes at least an hour. So basically, it blows trying to get from place to place.

The houses! They're all built vertical and extremely close together. A 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house is like 3 stories high! It's really crazy. But how else are they going to cram everyone into that country?? Build up! They aren't very big but a rough estimate on the house Tyler is staying in is $480,000 USD. Um.. that can buy a mansion here!! Also, the doors don't swing open, they slide. Like in the movies.. Yep that's real.

Weather! It rains everyday. In Tyler's words "it's depressing and humid as an MF". When it's not rainy, it's hot and miserable. And I guess winters are cold, cold, cold. Ha, it's like Seattle, Georgia and Alaska all mixed into one little area.

Appliances! Okay this is so silly. They don't use dryers! They have them, but they don't use them. They'll wash everything in their washer, then hang dry. Tyler doesn't know why, he hasn't asked. He hates that too. (he's not a very patient person so hang drying his clothes is the end of world to him)

Randoms! Tattoo's are the plague. Ty said only gang members have them so it's really disrespectful to have one showing. One of his American teammates has one on his shoulder or something and they were showering at the gym when someone told him to get it covered up. He stood there until he had his shirt back on. That guy was a perv if you ask me... ;)
Taking your shoes off is a big thing. You never walk into your house with shoes on, ever. Even at Gold's Gym(yep they're in Japan too!), you have to bring a separate pair of shoes to change into once you get there because you can't wear your 'outside' shoes to work out in. Ty learned that the hard & embarrassing way.
Electronics are not cheaper in Japan. They are the exact same price as in America. However, food is wayyy more expensive. You know the frozen burritos you can buy in the boxes? At Costco, they are $52.
Children run around in packs. Ty said they're all over the city, parentless. Work hours are like 15 hours/day and 6 days/week so that's prob where their parents are. Working...

Has anyone made it this far? If you have then you're awesome. If not and you thought you could skip to the end, go back and read it, jerk. Longest. Post. Ever! I know...
Bloop bloop bloop bleep bloop.
Here's a picture for those of you who only read books & blogs with images throughout.

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**I'll give a full update on FOOTBALL when their games start. September 1st, yayyy!** 


  1. That was really interesting. Its so crazy how different cultures can be! I would love it the first week or so but then I'm pretty sure I'd end up hating it lol. Kudos to him for sticking it out! He's probably a giant compared to them there too! [hehe] I wonder if he has to bend to walk in some doors? Okay that sounded racist, I really am just curious. So does this mean you and Dreydan are moving there too I'm guessing? How long are you going to live there?

    1. Ha no it's totally not racist because yes he does have to duck! He said he can't go anywhere without people stopping and staring because he's so much taller than the average Asian. And being white doesn't help either ha. Unfortunately, no. Drey & I are not going to go out there. It was our plan in the beginning but things changed and ultimately made the decision to not go... :-((( He'll be back in December, I hope I can make it that long!

  2. *duck to walk in doors, bend sounds strange

  3. I'm with you Emily......don't think I would last a week....sushi, yes.....raw chicken,erggggg!!

  4. What a crazy experience! ...December..!?! Oh my goodness, that is such a long time to be away and especially in a strange world. Just tell him to say, "Nah...Nah" and flash the sign when he is served raw chicken again. They should understand that! ha! Hope you guys are going good!

  5. Oh my gosh that is all so crazy! I wish you luck when you go out there :)