Sunday, August 26

My Birthday Boy.

His birthday was on a Friday but we had his party Saturday afternoon.
Anyone who was anyone showed up.

His theme was CARS and they were everywhere! From the presents
to his cake! Oh and not to mention my 'Stoplight Cookies' I made all
by myself... I'm so awesome.

Tyler's sister made his cake, adorable right!?

Blowing out his candles

My badass cookies.

He got lots of lovin' from all of his favorite people. 
Some of his favorite gifts are:
  • Brand new Lightning Mcqueen motor car
  • 'Mack' from Cars. (semi-truck that hauls Lightning Mcqueen & his buddies)
  • Cowboy boots. (he is IN LOVE with those boots)
  • A basketball hoop!
  • A pee-wee football
  • Cars jammies 
  • His Lightning Mcqueen blankie from Grandma Trudy

Waiting to open his treasures

His football

 Unveiling the B-ball hoop



  1. I have about 100,000 pics to get to you! Do you want to come over and bring a thumb drive? Or should i make a cd, and mail it. ha ha

  2. Cute birthday! I couldn't help but notice that your body is ROCKIN'! I vote you let us all in on your secret routine and post it on here;) Seriously you are so toned! And not in a bulky/masculine way at all, a nice feminine-toned way. Few girls out there have bodies like that! AND you have had a kid. Maybe I'll go jump on the treadmill now and put down this cookie. Or just eat my feelings by eating another then go jump on the treadmill. Bleh