Thursday, December 8

{viewer discrestion is advised}

you can't unsee this people...
 {small back story}
a couple of weeks ago, in arizona, tyler got a 'turf burn' on his elbow during his game. it started out as any other ones he's ever gotten, but after a week it wasn't making improvement. then last week he was complaining about a lot of pain down his whole forearm, starting with his burn. he was getting giant red bumps around it and his arm was swelling. he went and saw his team doctor and he diagnosed him with shingles and staph infection, caused by blunt force trauma. the doc started him on oral antibiotics and said that if it wasn't getting better after 48 hours they'd have to put an iv in him 2x a day for 7 days. gag, i know. orals didn't work. so he started his infusion treatments and after 2 days it STILL wasn't getting better. it was getting worse. but they insisted it was alright and told him "to hang in there!" saturday night, after he developed a fever, we took him to the ER.

after the ER doc. looked him over, he ordered the ambulance to take him up to a bigger hospital for surgery.

fast forward a little...
after spending hours in the ER and a nasty ass opening of his arm to clean it out (tys dad kept saying it looked like aliens coming out of the holes, he was kinda right), ty was admitted into the hospital and was receiving treatment for Cellulitis. he stayed 2 nights and he got released monday afternoon. 
Good times, right.

there is just something about a hospital robe, right? haha

he's all better now people! he can sleep for more than an hour at a time! i'd say that's progress. i still have to help clean out the giant holes in his arm, but i do it with loveee, ha.

that was our weekend. we know how to party.


  1. Ugh That is WAY worse then I had pictured in my lil brain called hes okay!! Love yoU!!

  2. Glad not called lol you get it ...

  3. Poor Tyler! Cellulitis is NO GOOD! If we have a patient at our hospital with that staph or MRSA they are pretty much quarantined. Glad he is doing better and yes you sure know how to party! :)