Monday, November 28

2 years ago I said ''I Do"

Today is my anniversary babyyy!

A couple of weeks ago Tyler had his 'bye week'. Which meant NO football!  He wouldn't have practice, games, meetings, lifts etc.. Taking advantage of that! (okay his week had a bit of practice and meetings but his weekend was free!) My mom suggested we bring Dreydan to her house for a sleepover, she'd get us a hotel room in Salt Lake and we could have a night to ourselves for an early anniversary. Hell. Yeah.

After checking into our room, freshening up, we headed to dinner. We ate at Happy Sumo, sushi is our absolute favorite. After dinner we went to Cold Stone for an ice cream fix, I don't know why because it was freezing outside! Then went and saw Paranormal Activity 3. The last 15 minutes were a trip but overall, stupid. The rest of the night we lounged in our jammies, watched football, and ate pizza. Seriously, one of the most relaxed nights i've had in long time.

In Dreydan's 14 months of life I have only spent the night without him ONCE. So I was a little anxious, a little excited, a little sad to be leaving him for a whole day, night, and another half day. I'm pathetic, I know this. I missed him a freakin' lot!

Today we'll do a little mini date. While Drey is napping, a couple of Tyler's friends will come over and keep watch for us. I know what you're thinking, a bunch of football players babysitting!? Yes. I wouldn't leave him alone with anyone I didn't trust. They're pretty legit!

I love my man. 
He can make me smile when I don't want to, apologizes even when it's my fault, and gives me non-stop unconditional love. He might look like a hardass sometimes, but he's a giant teddy bear.

He's the best decision I've ever made.

Happy Anniversary to us!

P.S. Thanks again mom! 


  1. Happy anniversary! And so true, Ty looks like a meany, but he's a teddy bear. Not to mention his slippers. Mean people don't wear slippers.


  2. Happy Anniversary! So happy for you both! :)

  3. AAAAWWWWWWEEEEE Love you both! Happy day!

  4. Aww Happy Anniversary love!! I still can't believe it's been two years already! I love both of you and you best come out and visit me soon♥

  5. Congrats! You two are perfect for eachother! Keep going strong!