Thursday, November 17

lip balm by eos

a couple years ago i took my eos lip balm with me to lake powell (instead of my usual banana boat) for the week. it's all i used the whole time. towards the end of the week, my lips were frieeed! i was so mad that i wanted to swear off those little eos balls forever.

but obviously, if you've ever used a lip balm by eos, you know that it's awesome and you really can't stay away even if you wanted. no matter how hard you tried. not even if you come home from a week at the lake and have a huge sunburn on your bottom lip and then it turns into a nasty boil... yea. even then.

but besides it being so cute on the outside, the inside smells so yummy and makes my lips sooo soft! i love all their variety and i love that they have shimmer in some of them! you can never have enough flippin' shimmer.

so i've got a handful of eos lip balms around my house and in random bags, there's one in my car.. and i was costco the other day and found a 6-pack! my rational insides were telling me emily you don't need this.. don't pick it up... but my other insides, the ones i usually listen to said how cuuuute! so many colors! you don't have this and you need it. SO i made it mine. thanks costco. sorry tyler.

i've got lots of lip balms by eos now and that makes me happy. i love how my lips feel, i love the shimmer, i love the smell, i love the little egg, i love the color, i looove.

and if you're interested in reading more about it, go here and read up!

eos lip balm + you = happiness. you deserve happiness.

what's your favorite lip balm by eos?!

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