Thursday, January 14

a name and a blessing

we had eisley blessed and given a name as a member of record in the lds church the first weekend in january. her grandpa osborne gave her a beautiful blessing and i am looking forward to watching her grow and fulfill all of those special blessings. all of our closest friends and family came out in support and we were so happy to see everyone! afterwards we had lunch at my in-laws, stuffing my face with soup, bread bowls, & homemade snickerdoodle cookies. drool...

eisley was in her happy place as she was passed around while being ooo'ed and aww'ed at. the only time that girl ever fusses is when nobody is paying attention to her. look away from her for more than 30 seconds and she gives you a warning grunt that means keep telling me i'm pretty or i'll scream. and she means it. the man she marries is going to have his hands full with this one, let me tell you.

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  1. This moment in infinitely precious. And special. And fleeting. Love love love this! <3 And your babes. <3

  2. Blessing days are so wonderful! :) I love her beautiful dress!