Sunday, June 7

oh, hiiii

whoa. i'm writing a post. whaaat? it's been forever, i know. i've actually had a very busy couple of weeks guys. my lack of content is justified! and i know i've already apologized to a couple of my clients, but again, i'm sorry! it's sooo hard coming back from another country, getting your shiz out of storage & situated ready to move, moving, starting the unpacking process, making sure you make family functions in between all of that because heaven forbid you don't divide your time up equally, keeping random finances in order because hubby is still in japan.. all while being pregnant & sweaty. with a 4yr old. oh, and trying to find an OB to transfer to. who would have thought it would be so hard to switch being 31 weeks preggo? i sure didn't. blech, seriously.

but i just wanted to tell you guys not to go anywhere! because now that my life is slowly settling down, there are lots of good things coming up! i'm talking giveaways with my favorites (hello apparel! lavender & lace co.!), a little sponsoring and fun with indie boys world, a guest post you literally don't want to miss, and more pre baby posts than you'll be able to handle. so excited for all of it! and you are, too. i just know it ha.

so stay tuned.
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  1. Hope the hectic slows down for you, moving is never fun!

  2. OMG you have a lot on your plate! Happy thoughts for relocating!

    1. Thank you! I seriously need those happy thoughts ha

  3. 31 weeks already? Shut-up! It seems like it’s flying by. I’ve missed your blogging and can’t wait to read more!