Wednesday, May 20

mom, can we have a dog?

that dreaded question. seriously, i cringe when drey asks me about getting a pet. full disclosure: i don't hate animals okay. but ughhhh. i don't want any. ever. i don't want a dog, i don't want a cat, i don't want a bird, i don't want a hermit crab, i don't want a salamander. i just don't. ever. no fish either, ew. eventually i'm going to lose the battle because dreydan wants some type of animal/pet so bad and tyler is a sucker for anything his son begs for. but i'll be holding my ground for as long as i can. 

i swear i don't hate animals. i just don't want any as pets. i don't want to take care of them, i don't want to spend money on them, i don't want to clean up after them.. haha i sound awful, i know. but mostly, i don't want to get attached to them! my mom and step dad recently had a dog die that they've had since i was in like middle school. dreydan was heartbroken! and i was too, she was so sweet. her name was snuggles, that's how freakin' sweet she was. i had pet cats growing up and i just loved them so much. we had this cat, her name was darla, and she the best. actually, she was kind of an asshole, but she knew we loved her. after she died, we got another. i was in love and then it died. and then we got another. it died. we lived in this house in the country that i swear was killing our animals.. true story. 

anyways, pets just aren't my thing anymore. i fall in love easily and i can't risk it. tyler, believe it or not, is a big fat cat lover. if he had to choose to save the life of a helpless little kitty or mine, he'd probably choose the kitty. which really is understandable. i mean, you can't make eye contact with a kitten and look away without feelings. but then it has to live inside and i'm not even going to go where i want to go with indoor pets.. all i will say is: hair. litter box. drool. random smells. me. no.

as far as the other ones go that he's asked for, like fish, no. just no. my sister had a fish tank that she kept in our living room growing up and i secretly hated them. like what was the purpose? she had one fish that kept eating the other ones and so she'd get new ones,  only to be eaten again. that fish was out for human blood too, i just know it. and then when she'd clean out the tank.. ughhh! so gross. it was messy & smelled like ass. i will never ever have anything to do with fish. unless it's salmon and it's going in muh belly. because i already know i will be the one taking care of any pet that comes into the house. and chances are, i will probably love it the most. because i'm a mom and that's how moms are wired. and like i said.. i just can't risk that.

so dreydan boo, to answer your question. no, we can't get a dog. but pleeeaaase don't ask dad.

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  1. im dying. seriously. you are hysterical and I agree! sorry I damaged you for life by not keeping anything alive!


  2. Lol "please don't ask dad!" I'm dying!! Thanks so much for linking up and bringing humor to this!!

  3. Hahaha! So basically when are you picking up this dog? They rule but drool!

  4. You are so funny! Thank you so much for sharing and joining in the Mamas Tell All Linkup this week! Best of luck keeping the furry-babies away :)

  5. This is hilarious! Thanks for linking up to Mamas Tell All. :)