Sunday, April 12

posts on the throwback

so i was cleaning out my posts, getting rid of old giveaways and stuff, and i came across some older posts that i'd forgotten about! some are hilarious {yes i'm that girl who laughs at her own texts}, some are sentimental, and some are just fun posts that i felt needed a comeback.

so if you're bored on this lovely sunday & are interested in some lighthearted and entertaining reads, i gotcha covered. enjoyyy.

important conversations with an important person - before i was prescribed medication haaaa

tips on road tripping with a toddler - i worked hard on this! read it, love it, share it

are you that crazy mom? - sometimes moms be cray & it makes me upset...

i confess... - open this if you want to laugh

here's to the freakin' weekend - this one too haha

stop asking me to follow your blog - such a cold-hearted person i am

i'm the kinda girl who... - all about me, bitches

monsters - when you have to tease your kids and laugh {video}

my husband is cooler than yours - tylers last year of college football, banner badass.

go home fashion bloggers - i forgot about this one haha.. it's a rare gem.

sweetest words - dreydan missing his daddy

viewer discretion is advised - that time tyler got cellulitis from a turf burn

do you ever forget how weird you are?
i mean, some of these posts weren't that long ago and as i was reading them i was like the fuh is going on here haha.

do you have any posts that you want to dig out of your closet and share again?

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  1. Haha! I haven't gone through my archives in awhile but I am sure I would cringe at some of them. I remember a few of these posts. Reading old journals from high school and such, oh boy forget about it, total weirdness.