Wednesday, April 29

it's the little things

today we went to watch tyler & his team play in a scrimmage game against kobe university. believe it or not, it was the FIRST time on my own (with drey, obvi) taking a bus, train & taxi all during one trip. pretty much, i can do anything now. toss me in the middle of downtown osaka and tell me to get home, cause i can! just kidding, please don't do that, i won't make it.

anyways, we got there a little late. no biggie, just a scrimmage. then they had practice afterwards so we hung around until they were done. drey loved running around on the field, playing catch with the players, and watching his daddy play football up close in "real life" haha. he also begged me for my nikon so he could go around and take pictures. i just let it happen. i haven't looked at them yet so i'm a little anxious to see what he snapped.

today was good one. i'm grateful for happy reminders that my life is blessed. i have a husband who takes the best care of us & loves us so much. together we have a son who is healthy, energetic, smart, wild & everything in between.., and a sweet baby girl due in just a few short months. i'm just a lucky girl.

what about you? what are your 'little things'?

Sadie Sky Boutique


  1. Such cute pictures!

  2. You have a lot to be thankful with that family of yours. They are so cute! I have no complaints I am happy, healthy and have a pup I adore. Life is good!

  3. I love these pictures! You have the cutest bump!!

    1. Aw thank you! It actually isn't as cute in real life as in pictures haha.. it's a little on the hefty side ha