Monday, March 16

amagasaki streets

it's been so chilly since we've been here. rainy. gloomy. it's even snowed! this area of japan we're in rarely gets snow. they don't know what to do when it snows. but it melts as it touches the ground or sometime during the same day, so it doesn't seem like that big of deal.

but because it's been so cold, we haven't been on too many walks. we go to the usual 100 yen shop or the grocery store, but then we come right back home. we haven't been able to explore! it is s l o w l y warming up, though. tomorrow is supposed to be 70! so we'll be hitting up the zoo, probably along with 8546 other people, but whatever. drey is excited. and then temps are going back down, and will be raining the rest of the week. jammies all day...

our neighborhood is very japanese. we are lucky enough to live in a more modern japanese home {and i use modern loosely because it's still very much japanese}. it's newer, cleaner, and has plenty of space. at least compared to the more traditional homes. nothing like the space we take for granted in american homes, but it's perfect right now. one day i will post a tour of the inside. it's pretty cool haha.

while ty was the gym this afternoon, drey & i walked around our neighborhood for some fresh air. we hit up the grocery store for a couple things and then made a small loop back home. and i snapped pics along the way.

 this is our little home away from home. it's yellow haha.

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  1. Cute house! Can't wait to see the inside.

  2. fun. miss my dude. new blog design is cool!

  3. Drey is adorable! Would love to see how their homes differ from ours. When I went to Germany I learned about their lack of closets. So interesting.

  4. Love those pictures of Drey! What a handsome dude. I can't wait to see the inside of your jap home! How's baby girl doing?