Monday, September 8

A walk in our hood.

When Ty is away at practice, Drey & I pass the time by exploring our neighborhood.
We always stop for drinks & if homeboy is good, we also stop at the 100 yen store for a new toy.
Each time we go a little longer & a little further... this was one of those times.

 photo EmilySignature_zps0043f664.png


  1. Those straddle poses kill me. Love the textures, the bikes and the CALM store. Can I buy some of that? LOVE all of this.

    1. Hahaha right?! It's his go-to pose when I say "hey drey, go stand over there" haha... I'm going to venture into the Calm store soon. It's a hair salon, so I need a reason to walk in. I throw Drey in a chair & get him a little trimmy trim. Just a little one though....

  2. Stop it.... that Tupac shirt... BEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!! bahahahaha

  3. He is just too cute. Glad you are getting to explore more of the city. The Calm store sounds interesting.

  4. So is that sweat in his hair? Or is it still wet from the shower?