Saturday, July 12

Summer Date Ideas {guest post}

My name is Jessica and I blog over at Being Mrs. Kirk
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John & I will be getting married next month
I am a step-mom to his beautiful little girl
and we also have a little dog named Chance.

I'm doing a guest post for Emily while she's enjoying Cancun
yes, go ahead and get tan Emily
I'll be here at my computer, blogging, and being albino.
No big deal.
Bring me back a souvenir at least. Sheesh!

Today I'm blogging about Summer date nights.

There's so many great ideas, but I'll just post my top 5.

1. Picnics- In my opinion, it doesn't matter where you are. John & I keep a blanket in our vehicles, and it's great to have when we have a last minute decision to have a picnic. It could be in the park, up on the mountain, or on our back patio. You don't have to have a fancy picnic basket, usually we have Subway to go, or paper plates on our back patio, and sometimes even just a zip loc bag with pb&j's are great too!

2. Star Gazing- I grew up sleeping on the trampoline, or camping in the backyard with my parents. We always looked at the stars and tried finding the constellations. I love laying outside in the warm summer heat listening to the crickets and gazing at the stars. We recently took a twin blow-up mattress and put it in the bed of John's truck with pillows & blankets and it was so comfortable, perfect for star gazing or a camp-out. 

3. Take a walk- If hiking is your thing, take a hike! Make walking a part of your nightly/morning routine, just spending 20 minutes together walking- that's an hour and a half of alone time each week. We live in a small town so we can easily drive downtown and park, walk to the restaurant, to the movie theater, and even go get an ice cream all on foot. If you live downtown, ride your bikes together!

4. Lake Day- Who doesn't enjoy a day at the lake? Sand/dirt beaches, a big long beach towel, and a book. For a date, leave the book at home, take some squirt guns, floaties, and just act like a kid! If it's night time, go skinny one's going to judge you ;)

5. Backyard Weenie Roast-  What's better than curling up with each other by a fire? Whether it's a weenie roast, or foil dinners (the best), or even just roasting marshmallows. You can get that "camping" feel in your backyard, even when you have to wake up for work the next morning. 

Hope you guys got some good ideas
Go schedule a date night with your special someone :)


  1. A picnic and a day on the lake sound like really great date ideas! Just spending time with someone special is nice but a little effort never hurts!

    1. I agree! Even just those summer nights we end up on the couch snuggling is considered a date for me, but sometimes it's nice to change it up and plan stuff every now and then, or do something spontaneous! Thank you for your comment.

  2. These are ALL my idea of a good time!! Great list :)