Tuesday, June 24

Cancun prep!

C A N C U N!
I've got 16 more days until I'm basking in the Mexico sun.
I'm talking constant drink in one hand, book in the other hand, bathing suits all day erry day... gah!

We booked our trip in February you guys. Feb-rue-air-eee.
It's been the longest 5 months of my entire life. No drama queen.

The good thing about booking so far in advance is you have a little more time to shop!
My hubby is prob reading this shaking his head like "never gonna fking happen again".. Hi babe!
He really really loves me. Like, a lot.

Anyways, in my prepping, I've found a few things that I've fallen in love with.
And I need to share them because when I post pictures of my trip you're going to be like:
emily, whyyy are you wearing the same thing everyday?

Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect sunscreen. My sis-in-law brought this to the pool a few days ago
& I looooved it. It smells scrumptious & it makes you sparkle. Who doesn't want to sparkle?

My blue aztec pants from Cotton On. I bought them for the plane buuuuut they're heaven on my body &
I want them on me at all times. I'll be sleeping in them probably.

Beach dress from H&M. It's so flowy, airy, comfy, cute... I can't wait to throw it on over my swimming
suit at lunch time & trudge into a restaurant to stuff my face with guacamole.

This bag from Forever 21. I actually wasn't going to get it, but an employee walked by as I was admiring
myself in the mirror with it on my arm and said "would you like me to stuff that for you for a better effect?"
And then I bought it. Nice work, thanks.

Pali Hawaii sandals. I bought them at Hallmark {yes the card store} but the link provided sends you to
Amazon. These are my moo moo shoes. My pride & joy. My happy place. The party for my feet.
I love them more than life itself right now. Like if there was a fire, I'd grab those first. Again, no drama queen.

Also, if you guys have any recommendations for beach hair spritzer stuff, I'm all ears!
I've got a few different kinds but they don't work for me very good...
My hair naturally dries curly and frizzy haha. Help me!
One more thing! I'm going to be gone for a week for my "honeymoon" trip.
Normally I wouldn't care about ditching my blog for that long, been there done that!
But I thought it would be fun to have some guest bloggers scheduled for when I'm gone.

I'd like the posts to be travel/tip related and/or fun beach tips, your honeymoon trip, or even a fun
summer recipe food/drink! Think summer!

If you're interested, email me!
I'd love to hear what you've got.
Thanks, bitches.

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  1. one word. Jealous. I miss you and I am home sick. Doesn't make for a good combo. Yuck.

  2. Have you ever tried Not Your Mother's Beach Babe spray? LOVE it!

  3. Ok I may go buy those blue pants. I'm not sure about pants in the summer, but if you're planning on wearing them in Mexico, then maybe I could wear them in DC. How do you wear them? Just for sleeping, you said? Or do you wear them out? I want to get some and wear them with a plain t-shirt and sandals. They're only $15 so why not?

  4. Your upcoming trip sounds wonderful :) I'm a little jealous!!!


    1. Thanks mama! I really can't wait for it. And then I can't wait to come back and annoy all of you with pictures...

  5. You're going to loooooove IT!! =)

  6. So jealous!! Sounds like a blast! Hawaiian Tropic can do no wrong! Lvoe the dress. Beach sitting with a book is the perfect vacation. Enjoy it!

  7. I stalked your blog during nap time yesterday. I was too busy reading to comment. But, I do believe that a Cancun fashion post wearing your blue Aztec pants might need to be on the menu. And beach hair spritzer? Just dunk your head in the ocean...every morning...I'm sure someone has coined this on pinterest. ;)

    1. Hahaha... I'll do it. I'm not scurred! And you know what, it will probably work! All this time, I should've known. You really think so on the pants post? I'm nervous.........

  8. I went to Cancun once. Came home tan and pregnant. Have fun love. ;)