Friday, October 4

My Birthday Listy.

//this bag has been on every list of mine ever since purchasing my Nikon DSLR. 
//tortugas design charm bracelet. i've been eyeing this the day she opened her shop back up!
//who doesn't want new kicks? hubby doesn't think i run enough... he's right. but i want them anyways.
//part 3 in the divergent series, comes out oct 22. i will have it!
//i have some rain boots that will look adorb with these f21 mint skinnies.

I feel like it's necessary to be extremely selfish on your birthday{14th}... I mean, that's when you were born.
As a wife & mommy, it's really the only day out of the year you can get away with it.
Respect to yo motha.

~~In honor of my birthday month, I have a giveaway coming up~~
~~So stay in touch and check back in with me in a few days.. Holla holla!~~

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  1. New follower here from the blog hop. Man, I love that camera bag! How cute!!

    1. Thanks for the lovin' girl!! And I KNOW right?! I'm in love with it.

  2. You've inspired me to add a couple items to my Christmas wish list! You can never have too many running shoes!

    1. Good! And yes exactly. Even if you only wear them around town while getting your errands done. IT COUNTS haha.

  3. since I have no idea what any of that stuff is, we'll have to go shopping together after I get home! love you!