Tuesday, October 15

Halloween Cookies!

Last weekend Tyler made a trip to Southern Utah with a bunch of his buddies to their old college
stompin' grounds to watch their homecoming football game.

So Drey & I had some Halloween Bonding time.
Decorated our balcony, hung some decorations, & baked cookies!
{october print from scrapbookcustoms1 for $1...seriously? yes.}

Dreydan ate about 11 cookies & a small bowl of frosting this night.
Yup. I'm THAT cool mom.

P.S! I have a cute, cute, cute giveaway tomorrow!
So check back with me then, mmaky!

 photo EmilySignature_zps0043f664.png


  1. Love them! I need to dig my crap
    Out (of wherever it is!) and do that, and I'm so that mom too, that's why I have to make cookies when cams gone cause he's the sugar police I swear.

  2. Love that print. Cookies are the best with frosting! Eh it's all about the memories. Sugar burns off! :)

  3. I'm hoping to make some sugar cookies with boys on halloween and watch some movies.