Sunday, March 3

First Haircut!

He's been in desperate need of one, lets be honest. And despite everyone, and I mean that literally, everyone {no matter what he wears} thinking he's a girl when we're out in public, I didn't want to.
First of all, I want praises & hallelujah's from y'all. I was not that emotional mom who cried, I was not that weird mom who was sneaking locks of her child's hair into a mini zip lock bag and sniffling her sadness away {that's weird and you and everyone else knows it}, nor was I that crazy mom who was in asian tourist squat position trying to get THEE best photo's of her kids first haircut.
I was totally normal. Walked in {with no appointment} and in my head yelled, this little man needs a cut! {high kick included}. Woke from my momentary gaze and walked to the front desk.
I reallyyyy wanted Ty to come with me, but he's a dude and reallyyyy didn't care. So I figured what the hell, imma put on my big girl panties and do this mono y mono. Which I did and everything was just fine.

Here's yer proof!
{phone pics, don't judge}
|he wasn't sure how to feel about this|

 Before                                                                          After
|okay so it was only a trim. haircut was a little melodramatic|

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