Thursday, November 10

Senior Day.

Tyler's very last college HOME football game was 2 weekends ago, which meant it was also Senior day! A day where they give a shout out to all the senior players, walk on the field with family, pictures taken, ya know the usual. Bittersweetness.
Good thing they beat the crap out of UC Daivs. 34-3. Holla!

Trudy, me, Drey, Ty, Coach Lamb
Yep. Ty is the one with his arms wrapped around the QB.

I have a million +1 pics of Tyler doin' his thang, so this was just pulled at random. #32
The fella's. Brady, Cody L, Cody H, Ty, Nick.
I don't know what I'm going to do with myself now that his college football career is almost over. I've lived and breathed this with him ever since we met! sighhh. 
He has two more travel games left. Northern Iowa & Northern Arizona (I'll be going to AZ!). AND if they win both of those games, they get to go to the playoffs. Win, Win, Win!!

Love you babe!

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