Saturday, August 1

swap showoff!

i just recently received my package from the local flavor swap & it is gooood. i blogged a little while back about my partner and where she's from (georgia!) and yes, peaches. i love it all. my son has snagged the peach jelly beans from me and won't give them back... 
dickey farms peach jelly beans, local honey, dickey farms peach preserves, greenway farms bread & butter pickles. 
yes to everything! 

thank you to kristen over at balanced mama! xoxo

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  1. A whole bag of peach jelly beans?!! AWESOME! The bread & butter pickles look amazing too! Great swap!

  2. PEACHES! I've never had peach preserves before, but that sounds perfect on pancakes. :D I'm drooling already!

  3. She is lucky it all looks good! ;) Love peaches!