Saturday, June 27

hello apparel + giveaway!

hello apparel started up in november 2012. i've been obsessed since the very beginning & have always supported & sported their apparel. i remember browsing instagram and coming across their account for the first time and thinking ooo cute sweater! don't mind if i do... and then i was hooked for life. i loooove their fabric and since i'm not about the fitted tee lifestyle, so i love the unisex options that most of their apparel offers. 

they have a big variety of stuff, too! everything from human to tiny human to dog. they've got it. not to mention the accessories & home decor.. AND next month they're launching a bunch of new summer items! ahhh i seriously can't wait. i stalk their instagram religiously. they're always posting fun fan photo's and new upcoming merchandise. and then i tag my mom and we're like let's dooo it! with all sorts of gangster emoji's and then i'm happy the rest of the day haha. my life is simple...

my favorites? oh i'm so glad you asked. here are some of my favorites from the plethora of yumminess that is hello apparel... 

the 'i'm not tired', bottom right camo tee and the middle tank i have in kids sizes for drey (among lots others). and i love them for him just as much as i love them for me. and the temporary tats are his faveee. i mean, any tats are cool with him, but i always have these on hand and he's never complained ha. even when someone questions his manhood and asks why he's got a heart on his arm... he says "cause i like 'em". that's muh boo. 

would you believe me if i said this was only about half my gear? not bragging or anything buuut i could be the new face of hello.. *ahem*.. anyone? anita, call me!

so because of my situation right meow, i'm featuring hello's 'i'm so pregnant' tee. cause you know, i am pretty pregnant. 34 weeks! ahhh.

hello silver necklace c/o hello apparel found here
'i'm so pregnant' maternity tee c/o hello apparel found here

i always feel weird posing for fashion pictures.. like, what am i supposed to do with my hands? should i smile directly? is the camera "supposed to be there" or not... i just don't have the answers. anyways, this tee right here is a gem. it's lightweight, stretchy, easy to wear.. it's perfect. i'm around 5'3" and wearing a small. so they run pretty true to size, maternity speaking. however, anything else hello has to offer, i normally size up because like i said, i like the loose fitting look when it comes to my tops.

hello doodle poster with crayon pack c/o hello apparel found here

and how cute are these doodle posters?! we had fun coloring this bad boy together one morning. drey kept getting mad at me for using the wrong colors on certain images. he's so mean to me... but it turned out adorable. and i've decided they're going to be fun gifts to give to people. mostly little people but adults could get some use out of it too. depends on how you adult. plus it comes with crayons! bonus.

do you have anything hello? would you like something hello? because there is a chance for you to win a $30 gift card to their shop! so.. enter using the rafflecopter below, share with your friends, and in the meantime, check out their shop here. they've also got a summer sale going on - 50% off select merchandise! that's a no brainer. HELLO. <<< did ya see what i did there? ha i'm funny.

for all updates on everything hello follow their instagram account @helloapparel!
and like their facebook page here!

good luck entrants!


  1. I would buy the Hello Stars tank and Hello keychain. Thank you so much for offering such a fun giveaway. :)

    BTW, my Instagram username is @norma_watson. I think I forgot to add the underscore in one of my entries.

  2. I would love their coffee mugs!

  3. I think I need that I'm so pregnant shirt. I'm only 16 weeks but man I feel SOO pregnant already! ;)

  4. After all this time I'm still drawn to their sweatshirts or their "I'm so tired" tees! Also, you look great!

  5. Hey those pics turned out so darling! If i were prego, i would get that shirt! Since I'm not, I would love a tshirt or sweatshirt. love ya


  7. I like the Arrows (Adult) Heather Grey Tri-Blend Shirt.

  8. You are adorable pregnant!! I would totally rock the anchor tee!

  9. I NEED that blue Hello sweater if I win! Heck who I am I kidding, I will be buying it if I don't want the gift card ha!

  10. I love the "i'm so tired" mugs...

    so cute !:) xoxoxo

  11. You're SO adorable. I can't even deal with the cuteness.

  12. I love the HELLO FLORAL (ADULT) but of course love all of the onesies and the "Im So Pregnant":)