Sunday, May 3

knotted headbands // little hip squeaks

i can't stop searching and purchasing headbands for baby girl. they are so fun! who knew having a girl was going to get me into so much trouble? okay.. i did. i did know that. 

little hip squeaks has such a cute collection of knotted headbands. and their 'surprise grab bag' option is the best. most times, i'm very indecisive. put an option in front of me and i'll stress for an hour and then start crying. and then ty will be like em it's just toothpaste. . . and then i'm like but i just don't know! it's a real problem haha. so this grab bag option was heaven. here's my money, send me some cute ones! and they totally did. 

if you have girls, expecting a girl, know someone who is giving birth to a girl, have a niece, cousin, dog, goat.. whatever! i highly suggest looking into these headbands. i promise you'll love. 

"The original hand-knotted headband, just the right amount of hip, super stretchy and soft. Guaranteed to break hearts. Our designs are hand-silk screened onto ultra white cotton spandex blend fabric with non-toxic baby safe inks." - lhs

found here

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